Sunday, September 16, 2012


sat through the olympic gymnastics exposition with m&d and gma. there were so many ways to describe it...a gym session dropped into a vegas club? an acid trip with gymnastic moments? {not that i have any idea what that would be like, just drawing from my experiences watching across the universe.} maybe an 80s music video with some flips? don't get me wrong, i'm in awe of what gymnasts can do. but having spent countless hours watching my brother and his friends perform incredible feats of strength, i was a little disappointed by the abundance of dance/cheer routines and awkward skits, and the lack of actual gymnastics. also, no joke, some girls danced around with big white balls. i plan on being a supportive parent, but i'm pretty sure i might have to draw the line if my kid comes to me someday and says, "hey mom, my life dream is to dance around with a white ball." unless, of course, they've already talked to cirque de soleil and are booked for their next extravaganza. then it's all good.

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