Tuesday, February 25, 2014

santorini blues.

it only took a year, but i finally got a plant for my office. this particular plant is one of the hardiest plants to have around (great for indoors, hard to kill), and even better, is widely acknowledged to be great at removing toxins like formaldehyde from the air. 

i am probably more excited about having a real, live plant than a person should be, but it makes me feel a little less cut off from the outdoors. even though i have a large window (which i am truly thankful for!), it doesn't open, so the feeling of being cooped up inside still weighs on my weeks.  and the pot...the pot! i love it. it is santorini blues, to match the santorini painting in the background. to match the general decor scheme of my office, which - when i stop to reflect on it - can best be summed up as "anywhere but here".

Friday, February 21, 2014

red dressed.

adventures in self-timer photography... i wanted a good shot (read: better than a picture of me standing in a mirror, holding my iphone) of the lovely, comfy dress my fella's parents gifted me at christmas. what better background than a concrete stairwell, right? (and yes. i do actually know how ridiculous this picture is.)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

blogging voice.

real bloggers (the ones with frequent posts and actual topics and more followers than fingers) often talk about finding their blogging voice, and how it took a while. i've had a blog for years now, but i still haven't ever felt like i found my "voice". lately, i've begun to think that perhaps that is because i've been trying too hard to find something to say. maybe this space was never meant to be a post-regularly kind of blog. and maybe that's okay, because after all, i'm really only sharing for myself and the three people who read this with any kind of regularity.  maybe this space is better as it was originally... a home for images, and occasionally for words. a place where i can come to remind myself of the beauty and magic in the everyday, every day. a place to rejuvenate after long days of this.

so. all that to say, it might get a little bit more quiet around here, but hopefully also a lot more honest and sincere.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

packard's in okc.

coffee at brunch, packard's in oklahoma city. try the sourdough pancakes if you go. or anything, really, because it was all delicious.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

quick takes

oh hey thursday...guess i missed wednesday. it's been a busy week and in about an hour i hop on a plane (or two) to oklahoma to see my brother get his wings as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. also my sister's boyfriend...cheers to a two-fer graduation trip!  anyway, like i said, busy week, so this is gonna be pretty sparse on chatter and mostly just links. enjoy!

24 ways you're already acting like an old lady. not all apply, but many do. many.

50 honest company slogans.

pun battles: so bad they're good. number 11 is possibly my favorite.

12 reasons coffee is the best valentine.

nudiustertian, adj. 'Of or relating to the day before yesterday.
Pronunciation: not provided.
Etymology: <  classical Latin nudiustertiānus (2nd cent. a.d.) <  nudius tertius the day before yesterday, lit. ‘today the third day’, counting inclusively ( <  nudius ( <  nu- ( < the same Indo-European base as now adv.) + diūs, old nominative form subsequently replaced by diēs: see diurnal adj. and n.) + tertius third: see tertius adj.) + -ānus -an suffix.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

building habits: january 2014

the point of goals is to remind you of what you want to accomplish in a month, right? so that you at least get something done... even if you don't manage it all {or most of it...}. right? right. just gonna keep telling myself that.

quota: one rosetta stone activity or 15 minutes of duolingo per day // goal: learn spanish
progress: none.
verdict: try again. a lot harder.

quota: finish digitizing 2003-2004 // goal: digitize memorabilia
progress: none. but i did manage to upload december 2013 photos, and finish up my 2013 photobook!
verdict: pseudo-success. effort still required.

quota: turn off electronics by 11pm four nights a week // goal: reasonable hours
progress: i didn't really track this very well, so i don't know how effective i actually was. i did make a concerted effort many days though, so i think i am heading toward the overall goal. also, because i have had a cold all month, i've made sleeping more a big focus, so this goal was definitely a focus.  this month i will see if i can't track the quota-meeting more effectively.
verdict: on the way!

quota: one serving of greens per day // goal: eat healthier
progress: making this a specific goal has definitely made me aware of the days i am not eating enough greens. again, i didn't track this very well, but i do feel that i made an effort to meet it every day.
verdict: on the way!

quota: exercise three times a week // goal: keep active
progress: the never-ending cold i came down with the first week in january waylaid this goal quite a bit. i squeezed in two rounds of jillian the one week i felt well(ish), and went on a few walks. i'm not too bothered about the lack of workouts, because when ill sleeping is more important, but maybe a good balance would be more walking!
verdict: overall, not well met, but for good reason.

so...based on the non-progress with many goals, february's quotas are looking pretty identical to january's. with the addition of "tracking quota progress"...