Monday, July 22, 2013

building habits, continued.

humpfh. july isn't even nearly over and i have failed so miserably at the plank & push-up habit. {i am, however, still making the bed daily. so, i guess there's that!} i am so far from a morning person, but being a night person just doesn't work outside of the sheltered world of academia. does anyone have tips on how to actually keep to a decent bedtime? besides turning off the electronics, because i already know that one.

anyway, i read a great article today on how to create habits that stick. it says lots of things i already know but forget to factor in when i'm setting my goals.  {i also forget to remember my own weaknesses - like being a night person - but that's a whole 'nother ball game.} check it out here: 5 scientific ways to build habits that stick.

so i thought maybe i would take a tip from the article, and frame my remaining efforts for 2013 in terms of macro-goals and micro-quotas. which are as follows:

micro quota (macro goal)
thirty minutes of rosetta stone spanish per day (learn spanish).
two hours per weekend documenting/scanning (digitalize memorabilia).
one hour of article work per day (write an article by october 2013).
go to bed/wake up 15 minutes earlier each day (reasonable hours...7-11?).

we'll see how this goes. i'll report back in a month.