Tuesday, November 20, 2012


to be honest, when i started this journey of becoming healthier, i don't know that i genuinely believed i would ever reach my "goal" weight. i hadn't seen the number i put as my goal in over 7 years. i figured that it was okay if i never quite hit it, because i wasn't really aiming for an exact weight, just using it as a general target for a healthy body. nearly 8 months later, i've not only reached that target but gone below it. the most exciting part of that is not the number. it's the fact that without ever starving myself, i've managed to reset my senses to wanting healthier (and spicier! weird, right?) foods, to eating more appropriate portions, to enjoying exercising (in moderation, of course).  it's that i've never felt deprived (except maybe when i gave up soda and candy for lent and then again for october, but considering how unhealthy both of those are, that's a deprivation i'm okay with). i've learned the difference between true hunger and hunger that comes with boredom, and how to feed them both - one with food, one with something to do!  i've found healthier alternatives to old treats, and learned how different foods help or hurt our bodies. i've driven people nuts with my discussions on coconut oil, green smoothies and chia seeds. i've enjoyed learning so much about food, nutrition, health and myself, and i genuinely look forward to continuing that learning!

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