Monday, April 1, 2013

quote: thich nhat hanh.

if we are not fully ourselves,
truly present in the moment,
we miss everything.
{thich nhat hanh}

i struggle with this one sometimes often. when you are in a long-distance relationship, there is always a part of you that is somewhere else, thinking of someone who is not presently with you. that corner of your mind that is permanently listening for the phone, making sure i don't miss a call, a text, an email. {this is likely to get worse as i dive into being a lawyer, because everyone knows that lawyers are "constantly available."} i wish i could say i will do better at this, but i'm not sure a blanket statement like that will accomplish anything. so instead, perhaps i will try to be better at specific moments. i will be fully present at dinner with my parents. i will avoid skimming pinterest while a friend tells me about their day. i will put away the technology on the evenings boyfriend and i get to be together in person. small pockets of intentional presence, to balance the constant blur. that, i think i can do.

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