Wednesday, June 26, 2013

building habits.

in may i decided it was probably time to start making my bed more often. so i committed to one month of making it every day, no matter what. and {to my surprise} i did! even better, i still am! every morning, regardless of how late i might be running, my first action - okay, second, turning off the alarm being first - is to pull up the covers and toss on the pillows. two months into this new habit, i think it is time for another. this time i'm going for a physical/exercise based habit...but keeping it very reasonable, or else i might start looking for excuses to skip it.

july's new habit is a 30 second plank and 15 push-ups, third thing in the morning {after i turn off the alarm and make the bed}. stating the habit here is definitely my way of making sure i stick to it! and if you're interested in trying something similar...

directions for the plank & how to do the perfect pushup


  1. I could take on that challenge with you. But can I do sit-ups instead of pushups? A 30 second plank and 15 situps?

    1. of course! i prefer planks to sit ups, so i would probably just up the plank time and drop the sit-ups altogether if it was me, but to each his own :). also, lest you think i am getting all crazy over here, i do my push-ups modified style! anyway - always glad of a challenge buddy, especially exercise challenges!!