Saturday, May 3, 2014

goals: april 2014

april's goals were:
digitize mom's 2004-2008 photos not quite. i uploaded mom's 2007 & 2008, plus digitized a bit of my 2002.
update 2014 photobook through april accomplished.
store all items that won't be used this summer accomplished.
hang proper blackout shades not so much.

things changed a bit over the second half of april, including the fact that my firm dissolved. as a result, my focus moved a bit from personal tasks to, well... long talks. major life decisions. job searching. finding new health insurance. applying for another bar exam. pulling together writing samples. and all that jazz.  those things are still higher on the priority list.  and with many things still up in the air, plans are moving more on a week-by-week pace now. as a result, my goals are more discrete, and more appropriately set out on a piece of paper than in a blog post (other than digitizing and keeping up to date with the photobook, of course).  in short, goal posts are going to take a hiatus for now. i'm sure you won't mind ;).

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