Sunday, April 19, 2015

chicago: julius meinl (streeterville)

where: 211 e ontario st, chicago, il 60611
when: sat & sun 8:00am-5:00pm
nearest L stop: grand-red (red line)

there are a few julius meinl locations in chicago. some are larger coffeehouses and some, like the one on ontario, are smaller cafes. the cafe felt fresh and welcoming, with a crisp color scheme of black, white and red accented by tiny tabletop bouquets and a striped bench. spend a minute asking the staff to explain the menu - the options read a bit differently than your usual starbucks (but taste great!). he says:

  • "it was like the miel latte - it was warm, welcoming - but not too sweet."
  • "it was like the cafe of a small, well to do eastern european country - modern but still comfortable."
  • "it was like a modern version of a cafe you would have found in the austro-hungarian empire"
  • "it was like the cafe off an upscale, eastern european hostel - i could imagine it with a crowd full of aspiring creatives."
  • "it was like a mid-century, eastern european salon - with a dash of proletarianism."

london fog (early grey latte): (x)(x)(x)(x)(  )
miel latte: (x)(x)(x)(x)(  )
linzer bar: (x)(x)(x)(  )(  )

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