Wednesday, February 13, 2013

gluten-free and food trucks

grabbed lunch today with a few other people from the office at the nearby food trucks. i wasn't sure whether i would be able to get much, or if i should even go, because i am giving up breads/gluten for the next forty days in an effort to reduce my overall dependence on breads in my diet. shouldn't have been too [wild boar] chili cheese [sweet potato] fries were not only gluten free but also seriously delicious.

besides, something i have always believed was important to remember in my journey to health is that - as with everything - there is a balance. in this particular case, a balance between eating a home-made, guaranteed healthy lunch, and feeding the spirit with a mostly healthy lunch away from the desk, in the sunshine, with other people. also, some really interesting reading for anyone seriously considering cutting their carb intake...[1, 2]

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