Friday, May 31, 2013

seasonal haikus

my guy likes to text me haikus.  sometimes they're really sweet, and sometimes they make absolutely no sense.  either way, i love it.  last night's haikus came in sets of four and traveled through the season.  long after he had hung up the phone and gone to bed (thank you, long distance), i decided to compose a set of seasonal haikus for his morning hello text.

flowers seek warmth
in slowly waking sun
snow melts

pollen soaked legs
buzz through muggy air
picnic summers

crisp apples burst and
hand pressed cider flows
leaves turn

pods of life cocooned
in cozy fire-filled spaces
snow blankets

i think they're passable, but i'm thinking i probably shouldn't quit my day job. guess i'll leave the haikus to my guy ;).

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