Wednesday, December 4, 2013

quick takes

laughs are good. puns bring laughter. click! laugh! enjoy some puns!

was anyone else hugely overwhelmed by the mass quantities of "deal" emails that started last wednesday and are kind of still going? there were so many, and each was so flashy, that i simply couldn't take it all in, so i just deleted them all. marketing fail. although! i did use shutterfly's extra 20% off sale prices to bring down the cost of ordering christmas card photos through them, because let's be honest - their matte photos are genuinely nicer than the box store photo centers can produce.

if you're like me and have a newly discovered love of spreadsheets, but hadn't quite figured out how to get a line break within a cell, i have news! {news you could learn by simply googling "how to insert a line break in excel"...headshake at self} where you want the line break, and would normally just hit ENTER, instead hit ALT+ENTER. you will find yourself with some beautiful, beautiful line breaks.

holidays mean holiday music and holiday movies! my favorite of late is the holiday, but i can't deny love actually is a good one. so, to get you in the spirit, take this quiz to see which love actually character you are!

maybe you've seen this, maybe you haven't: one artist's imaginings of what happens after happily ever after.

did you watch gilmore girls? did you love it with all your heart like i did, right up until those new writers wreaked havoc with the seventh and final season and, with rory's final choice, shattered the hopes of every gilmore fan who hoped rory might escape the tangled web of unsuccessful romances that seemed to plague her mother? {not to mention everyone who had come to adore logan...} apparently these folks did too, because here are 22 really solid reasons rory was a fool for passing on a life with logan for a life on the press bus. honestly, i can hardly bring myself to rewatch that season, the endings were just so frustrating.

pigsney, n. 'A specially cherished or beloved girl or woman, a sweetheart. Freq. as a term of endearment. In later use also as a term of contempt. Now arch.'
Etymology: the genitive of pig n.1 + nye, variant of eye n.1 (see forms at that entry); probably originating in children's talk or as a nursery endearment 
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈpɪɡzni/,  U.S. /ˈpɪɡzni/

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  1. I took the same approach to all the Black Friday (and WAY beyond) deal emails. I think I've read like 1 of them.