Saturday, January 4, 2014

hello, 2014.

my bloglovin' feed has been overwhelmed with new year posts over the past few days.  collections of favorite posts from 2013, reflections on the past year, and fresh resolutions for 2014 abound.

this is one of those posts, but also, it isn't. because i don't have any fresh resolutions for 2014. i love the states of mind i chose last january. they have served me so very well in 2013, and more importantly, in this season of my life. and my life is still in the same season as when i chose those words and their personalized meanings. so i will keep those words, keep that emphasis on those certain states of mind, as i find my way through 2014. i am hoping to make a piece of art to hang in my apartment to be a gentle reminder to choose joy, health, love, focus and peace as often as possible.

as for actual goals, they're not too far off from the ones i set for myself last year. some are ongoing goals {aka efforts to build better habits}, and some are goals that simply weren't accomplished.  still planning on using the quota/goal system i started testing out in july, because when i hit my quotas i make progress on the goals. i might find myself tweaking the 'quota' portion of the goal though, as the year progresses and life necessitates adaptation. anyway, to get to the point, goals: learn spanish, digitize memorabilia, keep reasonable hours, eat healthier, & keep active.

goal: january quotas
learn spanish: one rosetta stone activity or 15 minutes of duolingo per day
digitize memorabilia: finish digitizing 2003-2004.
keep reasonable hours: electronics off by 11 four nights a week
eat healthier: at least one serving of greens per day
keep active: exercise three times a week

looking forward to another year!

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  1. Very proud of you! You are a constant inspiration to me!!