Wednesday, January 8, 2014

quick takes

it's wednesday!

i managed to make it through maaaybe half of the introductory episode of juan pablo's bachelor season this week before i had to go do real things in my real life (err...finish drafting a motion), but if this girl writes more reviews like this one i might make a point of watching just so i can truly appreciate her recaps.

courtesy of my cousin, 16 books to read before they hit theaters this year.  i've read a few, some i don't care about reading or watching, and the rest... let's be honest, the likelihood i'll see them in theaters this year is low. but i'll add 'em to the never-ending list of to-reads anyway.

have you seen this video on the absurd amount of photoshopping that goes on with stars? we all know it happens in some corner of our brains but to see the contrast is startling. also, jennifer lawrence looks ridiculously GOOD in the pre-photoshop image, and kind of freakish skinny-ified, so that's always refreshing to see.

can we take just a minute here to talk about fashion bloggers? no offense to the fashion bloggers of the world, because they are clearly quite creative folk, but... who actually wears the things fashion bloggers propose as every-day attire? every so often i click on fashion on bloglovin' and within 3 minutes i simply have to click away, because ... well, it's hard to feel overwhelmed by your fashion failures for much longer than that. and i don't know about you, but i can't seem to manage warm-weather layering without looking like i gained 10 pounds, which is a bit disheartening. do you think the fashion bloggers of the world would be offended if i did a "what normal un-trendy people wear" post once a week? it would even be for the greater good - everyone who isn't a fashion blogger would feel better about their sense of style, because it is surely better than mine (just ask my mom and sister!). this here is my attempt at trendy (which is possibly 2 years behind in style, are tunics and leggings still in? i'm hoping so, since they're still in stores...)

this one, re 3 students joining in the university of notre dame suit on obamacare, but on the side opposite the university, is directed in particular to the legally-minded. thoughts on this?

smellfungus, n. 'A discontented person; a grumbler, faultfinder. Also attrib.'
Etymology: The name by which Sterne designated Smollett on account of the captious tone of the latter's Travels through France and Italy (1766).
Pronunciation: /smɛlˈfʌŋɡəs/

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