Thursday, January 16, 2014

quick takes

a day late (a dollar short), BUT i've got ashley jones's bachelor review to share so it's alllll okay!

like i said, the best bachelor review on the webs. seriously, the reason i carve time out of my life to watch forced romanticism.  read it and try not to laugh out loud or your boss/secretary/cubical pals will want to know what's going on. also i felt a moment of "THAT'S WHAT I SAID!" when i got to this reality check:
I just think its funny that they think Juan Pablo planned these dates specifically for them, when you know that once this is all over, they're going to be riding around in his car picking up Camila from day care, who will probably have sticky fingers and smell like peanut butter like all small children do.
except i wasn't as clever and just hollered at the tv something like, "yeah good luck getting dates like that when the show is done!" obviously, that's why i leave the reviewing to the experts.

have you ever thought about whether "how was your day" conveys what you're really trying to say to someone? or if, just maybe, there are better questions to ask? glennon has, and i think she makes a pretty good point.

i'm pretty sure this quiz is skewed (i mean, there are no country options in the music and apparently all anyone ever drinks is booze), but do you know what city you should actually live in?

i love home-made cards, and photobooks (i used to love scrapbooks but those are hefty beasts that take up lots of space during AND after creation, so i went digital), and really anything paper-crafty. stamps add the best little dose of pizzazz for anything in that category.  elise over at enjoy it makes amazing stamps (i have two!), but she's closing up shop this weekend. so if stamps are your thing, get over there! (elise doesn't who i am and didn't ask me to do this, but a year of reading her blog has convinced me she (and her products) are awesome and totally deserve the recommend.)

see number 18. that's my life. also the rest apply to some degree as well. and not just college, law school too. even though that was far less spectacular, it was still school. and there was football.

nugacity, n. 'A trifling thing or idea; a frivolity.'
Etymology: post-classical Latin nugacitas worthlessness (Vulgate), frivolity (5th C.); classical Latin nūgāci-nūgāx (see nugacious adj.) + -tās (see -ty suffix1; compare -ity suffix)
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˌnjuːˈɡasᵻti/,  U.S. /nuˈɡæsədi/

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