Thursday, February 13, 2014

quick takes

oh hey thursday...guess i missed wednesday. it's been a busy week and in about an hour i hop on a plane (or two) to oklahoma to see my brother get his wings as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. also my sister's boyfriend...cheers to a two-fer graduation trip!  anyway, like i said, busy week, so this is gonna be pretty sparse on chatter and mostly just links. enjoy!

24 ways you're already acting like an old lady. not all apply, but many do. many.

50 honest company slogans.

pun battles: so bad they're good. number 11 is possibly my favorite.

12 reasons coffee is the best valentine.

nudiustertian, adj. 'Of or relating to the day before yesterday.
Pronunciation: not provided.
Etymology: <  classical Latin nudiustertiānus (2nd cent. a.d.) <  nudius tertius the day before yesterday, lit. ‘today the third day’, counting inclusively ( <  nudius ( <  nu- ( < the same Indo-European base as now adv.) + diūs, old nominative form subsequently replaced by diēs: see diurnal adj. and n.) + tertius third: see tertius adj.) + -ānus -an suffix.

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