Wednesday, February 19, 2014

blogging voice.

real bloggers (the ones with frequent posts and actual topics and more followers than fingers) often talk about finding their blogging voice, and how it took a while. i've had a blog for years now, but i still haven't ever felt like i found my "voice". lately, i've begun to think that perhaps that is because i've been trying too hard to find something to say. maybe this space was never meant to be a post-regularly kind of blog. and maybe that's okay, because after all, i'm really only sharing for myself and the three people who read this with any kind of regularity.  maybe this space is better as it was originally... a home for images, and occasionally for words. a place where i can come to remind myself of the beauty and magic in the everyday, every day. a place to rejuvenate after long days of this.

so. all that to say, it might get a little bit more quiet around here, but hopefully also a lot more honest and sincere.

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  1. I face this problem every time I post. It is hard because I want people to enjoy the things I am talking about, but I don't know how to come across enthused. If I use the word "awesome" or "great" one more time, I may die.