Tuesday, February 25, 2014

santorini blues.

it only took a year, but i finally got a plant for my office. this particular plant is one of the hardiest plants to have around (great for indoors, hard to kill), and even better, is widely acknowledged to be great at removing toxins like formaldehyde from the air. 

i am probably more excited about having a real, live plant than a person should be, but it makes me feel a little less cut off from the outdoors. even though i have a large window (which i am truly thankful for!), it doesn't open, so the feeling of being cooped up inside still weighs on my weeks.  and the pot...the pot! i love it. it is santorini blues, to match the santorini painting in the background. to match the general decor scheme of my office, which - when i stop to reflect on it - can best be summed up as "anywhere but here".

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