Tuesday, March 18, 2014

building habits: march 2014, part 1

i know it's mid-month, but i'm changing up goal/habit tracking.  though i still agree with the idea of growing habits or meeting long-term goals through the use of quotas, i think that, at least for habits, there comes a point where monthly tracking of whole-life goals becomes weirdly de-motivating. possibly because after a while, it makes me feel like i'm not doing enough to meet some "exercise x times per week"  or "eat greens each day" goal, when my real goal is to be more active and eat well overall, for the rest of ever.  in fact, in all the tracking and day-to-day of it, i find myself losing sight of the beginnings of the real goals, which are the mindsets i want to choose for my life: joy, health, love, focus, and peace.

i'm not saying that the whole-life goals are not important, or don't deserve my attention.  they are, and do, and remain priorities in the larger scheme of life.  that is why i set them as "mindsets" to choose, after all. but mindsets and life-habits are larger concepts that should be allowed to fluctuate in their focus - sometimes with more emphasis, sometimes with less, but always a focus - to fit your life at its present stage. all that being said, there are also discrete goals i want to accomplish that i feel deserve a bit of my focus as well, that have been getting lost in the rest of the list.  consider this work toward the overall habit of "getting things done"...which i hear is an important skill for being an adult.  so, the new list to track (not including my lenten goals) is:

digitize 2004, 2003, 2002
update 2014 photobook through march
finish my gallery wall
pack up my "winter" clothes for storage
finish my retirement account transfer

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