Saturday, March 1, 2014

building habits: february 2014

quota: one rosetta stone activity or 15 minutes of duolingo per day // goal: learn spanish
progress: so the first half of the month was zero-for-one on a daily basis. i almost got into it about mid-month, but then tapered off a bit there at the end...
verdict: pretty pitiful. try again.

quota: finish digitizing 2003-2004 // goal: digitize memorabilia
progress: three years later, i finally made a photobook of my trip to tanzania. it's coffee-table style, it's gorgeous, and i love it. also, it was originally $125 with shipping and between sales and discounts i got it for $60, so that was delightful. nowhere on the digitizing 2003-2004 though, so that really needs to be a priority this month.
verdict: productive fail?

quota: turn off electronics by 11:30pm four nights a week // goal: reasonable hours
progress: oh man. when i'm good at this, i'm very good at this. when i am bad, i am straight up awful. like 2 am awful. although in my defense, much of the 2am was for work. because i have an awesomely weird schedule that involves fella/family from about 6-9/10, so any work that didn't get done by 6 but needs to be done before the next day happens after 9/10. oh, how i wish i was a morning person. according to my record-keeping, i was a straight-up fail till feb 13, and then from there it was about 40% win. which means 60% fail. gonna switch this around for next month, and try it from the wake-up-by angle instead of the bed-by angle. lenten sacrifice: don't hit snooze.
verdict: so much work still needed.

quota: one serving of greens per day // goal: eat healthier
progress: every day but two, ladies and gents. and one of those two i was in transit, so...
verdict: win.

quota: exercise three times a week // goal: keep active
progress: not exactly a set routine going on, but i manage to get a round of jillian or a walk in at least 3-4 times a week. i think this goal has become enough of a habit that i can let off tracking it. hooray!
verdict: chuggin' along!

goal: march quotas
learn spanish: 15-30 minutes of rosetta stone or duolingo per day.
digitize memorabilia: digitize 2004, 2003 and 2002. 2002 deserves to be digitized too.
keep reasonable hours: wake up at 7 and don't hit snooze.
eat healthier: greens - one serving daily.

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