Monday, March 31, 2014

goals: march 2014, part 2

so, after changing up the building-habits posts to discrete goals, the checklist for march was as follows:

  • digitize photos from 2004, 2003, 2002
  • update 2014 photobook through march
  • finish my gallery wall
  • pack up my "winter" clothes for storage
  • finish my retirement account transfer

after many months of viewing goals in the verrryyyy long-term, it was refreshing to have goals that i had a real chance of accomplishing by month's end.  i was a little ambitious, setting so many goals mid-month, but that forced me to get a little creative to accomplish them all, like digitizing photos during video-chats.  i actually managed to accomplish all of the goals above.  i even managed to do my taxes AND flip my mattress and wash all bed linens, despite leaving those two off the list.

most enjoyable accomplishment is definitely the gallery wall.  it's unconventional (i didn't start out planning a gallery wall) but i like it very much all the same!

a better view of the pieces...
letterpress print: elise blaha (frame, ross) // bird image: home-made (frame, goodwill)
clock: tj maxx // collage frame: cost plus world market
barn painting: hand-me-down from grandparents (frame, aaron brothers)
ampersand: elise blaha // wire mail-sorter: gift // key rack: target
quote & photo: handwritten, photo printed at fedex (frame, aaron brothers)

moving on to a new month...

april's goals:
digitize mom's 2004-2008 photos
update 2014 photobook through april
store all items that won't be used this summer
get (proper) blackout shades hung

ready, set, go...

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