Saturday, September 21, 2013

building habits: update 2

monthly update on my micro quotas and macro goals! like last month, i'm getting somewhere with a few, and nowhere with others, but most of my choices are a bit more intentional this time around. so, the update goes a little like this:

quota: thirty minutes of rosetta stone per day // goal: learn spanish
progress: i joined as a back-up method, a supplemental practice option, for those days when i'm not around my computer or can't seem to fit it in to sit down and do a few lessons.  that has helped me practice at least a little bit of spanish nearly every day, which is great, and definitely goes toward my overall goal.  for the next month, though, since things have been a bit heavy on the practice and a bit light on the learning, i'd like to focus on getting in some solid time with the rosetta stone lessons at least 3 times a week.
verdict: met, but always with room for improvement!

quota: two hours per weekend documenting // goal: digitize memorabilia
progress: oh goodness. i did actually make it to fedex-kinkos this month, but the experience caused me to totally re-evaluate how i want to make this goal happen. spending over an hour, and $4.99, to digitize 100 photos is neither cost- nor time-efficient. so! i started digging around the internet for a good flatbed photo scanner, and put it on my birthday list. this way, i can scan to my heart's content from the comfort of my couch. and! once i've tackled my personal stash, i can get started on ditigizing my parents' photos. waiting on the birthday means i haven't really made any progress on this goal, but i'm looking forward to getting this done with my new plan!
verdict: postponed due to a plan change {which, if i'm being honest, means: needs work!}

quota: one hour article work per week // goal: write an article by october 2013
progress: ohhh heavens. this one seems to be a struggle for me.
verdict: try again?

quota: go to bed/wake 15 minutes earlier daily turn off electronics by 11pm // goal: reasonable hours
progress: well. some days i turn off my electronics by 11. and on those days, i keep some pretty reasonable hours - generally in bed and asleep by midnight. but some days i don't. not as many days as when i was back in school, or even earlier this year, but still, too many days. and those days make for less than friendly mornings. and awful dark circles. vicious cycle, folks.
verdict: keep trying!

new quota: 3 green smoothies a week // new goal: healthier eating
progress: oh my. i seem to have dropped even the one a week i was managing last month.
verdict: rubbish. try again.

new quota: 3 workouts a week // new goal: healthy living
progress: this i am succeeding with! well, mostly. i just started running again, but before that i was rocking a bit of jillian. and i've added on a squat/sit-up challenge with my sister and her fella. i could probably use a little more variety in my work out, but since i seem to work out in waves, i think i'll try for consistency first.
verdict: mostly met...with room for improvement

next update in a month!

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