Thursday, September 19, 2013

i was supposed to wake up at 7.

i explain "choose: peace" as the age-old change what you can, let go of what you can't. there are a lot of places where i run with this idea, and it's fantastic. and it really is the ultimate in advice for how to deal with your relationships and interactions with others, because when you have to account for more than you, there's a lot of letting go and making peace.

however. because i am {apparently} and adult, and adults {apparently} must work real jobs to pay for their real lives, i {apparently} must learn to change my sleeping habits.  oh, how i wish i could just "let go!" and forever be not-a-morning-person. but no, the powers that be are holding steady to their assertion that this is one of those things that falls under "change what you can must."  so! this morning, in a fit of ambition, i actually left the bed when the alarm went off at 7 am. and by left, i mean, did not get up to simply reset the alarm for later and immediately crawl back into bed. but! back to the ambition. i turned off the noise and dragged my barely-open eyes to the couch, where i powered up my laptop. the plan was to read the news and blogs, in an effort to do the whole "accomplish things in the morning and get to work at a good time" goal.  like i said, ambition.

anyone want to guess how well this worked out for me?

i fell asleep on the couch. that's right. i left the bed, dragged myself to the couch, opened up the {bright! glaring even!} laptop, and fell. asleep. ambition = 0. habit = 1. but you know what? i'm going to classify this as progress. because i actively did not crawl back into bed. baby steps, people. and lest you worry i slept through work, let me reassure you i did not. i know myself better than to trust that ambition would win the day, so i set a second alarm that got me dressed and out the door at an almost-respectable time.

in case there was any question about whether i was a morning person {not that i ever questioned it}, i'm pretty sure this little adventure confirms i am not.

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