Monday, September 23, 2013

recipe: vanilla mug cake & toffee sauce

who can resist a double dose of dessert? this is one of my favorites since i made the effort to eat healthier...vanilla mug cake & toffee sauce! this mug cake may be one of my favorites i've made. it's only seven ingredients - six if you skip the optional baking powder - and it is full on delicious. throw on those berries and it's like strawberry shortcake, but without guilt! what's not to love? oh, do note that step re greasing the mug - it's crucial when it comes time to clean up. and the toffee sauce... ahh. i adapted tastelove&nourish's recipe for this glorious sauce {so good you can eat it off the spoon!}.  this sauce, on top of this mug cake, is exactly what i have been looking for to create the ideal- almost-clean yet still delicious -sticky toffee pudding stand-in to appease the cravings for that divine dessert that have been plaguing me since i left london. mix the two and enjoy!

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