Wednesday, September 25, 2013

quick takes

fall tv is back! almost all of the shows i watch started prior to my entry to law school - current favorites are big bang theory, bones, ncis & ncis:la, and doctor who - but if you can show me something fantastic i might consider giving it a shot. maybe.

ginger beer. i love it. you might too. it's non-alcoholic, spicy, and delicious. it's hard to find a good ginger beer here in america, which, honestly, i find a little strange. how did boring ginger ale trump ginger beer on the american market?! anyway, this brand - fever-tree - is a pretty solid option. according to the magical internet, you can find it at amazon or bevmo. guess where i'll be getting mine? that's right. delivered to my door, thankyouverymuch.

can anyone explain to me why stamps cost such strange amounts? i just read they're going up $0.03, from $0.46 to $0.49. why do they not increase in reliable intervals, like $0.02 or $0.05?

this. this is, well, almost anyone who trudged through three years of law school. social dysfunction for the win?

there are some really thought-provoking posts going on this month over at blessed by brenna. courtney has dedicated september to posts designed to help people "celebrate visual difference". i think, though, that the words there speak a deeper message than that even, and are worth a read.

i'm not making it to seven quick takes today. the end!

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