Wednesday, November 6, 2013

quick takes

ohh folks, it's wednesday! this always sneaks up on me, even when i'm actively counting down to friday. how does this happen every week?

i am finding myself perusing articles about electronic discovery in my "free time"...because apparently i find it fascinating enough to use up my time on it? anyway. the south carolina supreme court sanctioned an attorney for not having an e-mail address {and also... e-mail or email?!? such a dilemma!}, e-discovery is continuing to evolve and i'm actually liking federal civil procedure which, if you had told me fall semester of 1L was even a remote possibility, i would have called you absolutely bonkers. maybe it's because it's in bits and pieces and pertains to something actually happening?

midwest-bound this weekend! excited to see my fella and maybe observe some bird-hunting.

one of my favorite bloggers made a joke {she is joking! i have verification via e-mail!} about tall boots being outdated and i nearly connipt-ed {not a real word but go with it} over the thought because, seriously, i just. cannot. do. ankle boots. these short legs of mine don't need that kind of ridiculousness. i mean, it took me until this year to do skinny jeans with flats instead of only with boots and even that makes me cringe a little bit because i am no [skinnystarletofyourchoice]. which, i should clarify, i am so totally okay with - this is in no way a commentary on good/bad body shapes/sizes - your body is your body and you should love it!! - but really, not all styles are for all bodies. aaanyway. moral of the story is do not take my tall boots away.

ender's game! have you read it? if not, and you like scifi-based action flicks, go see it! and also, READ IT! if you have read it, go see it - but know that there's a lot that's different/omitted for the sake of hollywood. it reminded me a bit of hunger games, in that if you read the book you had a fundamental understanding of things that maybe weren't fabulously developed in the film and so it was fine, but if you hadn't you were left a bit lost, especially on character development.

always a good reminder... seven rules to stop your phone taking over your life from bbc.

if you like poetry check out this guy. his typewriter series is almost always thought-provoking and his haikus on love are, well, lovely.

new add to quick takes! a favorite word from the oxford english dictionary word-of-the-day email. because i love language and therefore will subject you to that love. even though i don't properly capitalize, overuse hyphens and ellipses, add unnecessary letters to words and generally ignore the rules on this here bloggity. clearly beside the point ;). today we have a word so archaic my computer doesn't recognize it.  i introduce you to comrogue, which should absolutely be brought back into the everyday lexicon because who wouldn't respond to a loud proclamation of, "COMROGUE! join with me in comroguery!" {note, comroguery is not actually a word, but it really should be because comrogue is, and roguery is, so comroguery is the logical next step.}
official word info:
comrogue, n. 'A fellow-rogue.'
Etymology: (com- prefix + rogue n. & adj.) In 17th cent. often jocularly confused with comrade.
Pronunciation: /ˈkɒmrəʊɡ/

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