Wednesday, November 13, 2013

quick takes

wednesday! here we go...

just discovered the glory of dinovember. imagination and creation win.

this is a list of 18 things everyone should make more time for these days. it's a good list. it's a list i follow, mostly, although i never set it down in words this way. #8 could use some work, but let's be honest - i'm in a long distance relationship, so my technological devices aren't going anywhere for now. some days i'm better at #18 than others, and #9 is a very infrequent thing {i think that means a cruise is in order, family!}, but the rest, i'm so there with making them priorities

have you read feed, by m.t. anderson? i feel like it's entirely possible i've mentioned it here before, but if i haven't - it was assigned reading for a college course, but i've kept it around since, re-reading it a few times and recommending it to others. because while wikipedia describes it as a "futuristic novel of the dystopian and cyberpunk genres", things like google's patent application for a new throat tattoo make it clear that some people out there aim to make it less futuristic than some of us might hope. innovation is an interesting beast, mm?

pottery painting win: my new mug effectively holds all the things i want a mug to hold in the morning! and just in case you were curious what i want a mug to hold, that would be approximately 16 oz of awfully burnt-tasting coffee from the fancy office coffee machine, the probably-loaded-with-chemicals-but-i'm-not-looking creamer i put in to mask the burnt, and my heaping spoonful of coconut oil. annnnyway. it's kind of pretty! in an 80s-sponge-paint sort of way...

five+ minute video on how deodorant works. if you're interested.

this phrase is my fella's most recent favorite. it can be used as an interjection, adjective or noun, but i think it goes best as an interjection, so here you have it!
jolly hockey sticks, int. 'Used in representations or imitations of upper or upper-middle-class speech associated with a type of English public schoolgirl, esp. to express (mock) boisterous enthusiasm, excitement, exuberance, etc.'
Etymology: (jolly adj. + the plural of hockey-stick); humorous (orig. and chiefly Brit.).
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˌdʒɒli ˈhɒki stɪks/,  U.S. /ˌdʒɑli ˈhɑki stɪks/

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