Wednesday, October 9, 2013

quick takes

friends re-runs are great. i appreciate the episodes so much more now than i did when they originally aired. which, when you think about it, makes a whole lot of sense, since i was finishing high school when the final season aired. i might just have to do a marathon-watch next time regular-season shows take a hiatus...

my guy is amazing and a fantastic listener, and got me this adorable set of coasters adorned with oscar wilde quotes for my birthday. before you go wondering how i could get all giddy over coasters, it wasn't about the coasters. well, that's not entirely true. the coasters are amazing and full of oscar wilde wit. but the point is, he got them for me not because i asked for the, but because i raved about them, and he remembered that. he's a keeper, that one.

have you heard about the imaginary well-dressed toddler daughter? i just discovered this glory. and before you click the link and get all snarky about how i sent you to look at photographs of children for no good reason, read the captions. they make it wholly worth your while to stare at hipster-styled small fries. i love so many of them, but this one is particularly spot-on...

i got a kitchen aid! the neighbors set it outside their garage in the "we're moving" give away pile, and my parents snagged it in case i was interested. free kitchen aid?! interested?! yes please!! and while it came with just one attachment, kitchen aid is fabulous and makes all their attachments compatible with all their machines. win!

i have been wanting to expand my stamp collection - especially with this 31 day card challenge - but am less than inclined to shell out the money for stamps from craft stores, especially when all i'm looking for are simple shapes/patterns. i remembered a blog post about carving your own stamps, so a diy effort seemed to be in order. i bought a 3-pack of erasers for $2, busted out the exacto knife and {carefully} carved a few basic-design stamps! {don't tell on me but i may have started e-browsing stamp carving kits...}

people. it took twenty-something years {well...more like ten-something. because i didn't have a computer when i was a small-fry. but go with it.}, but i figured out how to get more than one line of text into each excel-spreadsheet box. go ahead and call me a nerd, but considering my recently discovered love of spreadsheets, this is genuinely thrilling. and so basic i really shouldn't be admitting that i didn't know. sigh. FYI: on older versions of excel, highlight the appropriate boxes, go to "format", "cells", "alignment" and hit "word wrap"; on newer versions, do the former or just hit the "word wrap" button under the home tab.

i seem to have a thing for dystopian novels lately. presently re-reading the handmaid's tale by margaret atwood. just finished angelfall by susan ee. i also enjoyed the passage and the twelve by justin cronin,  a long long sleep by anna sheehan, and daughters of the north by sarah hall this year, among others. many are technically young adult, but as long as they're also well written, that's just an indicator of how long it'll take me to get through it. any new recommendations? 

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