Thursday, October 31, 2013

quick takes

...on thursday! hooray for late posts.

i'm going to have to agree with namby pamby on the fact that lawyers need a CLE on costume propriety...not just for court but also for the office. and that CLE should break it down for folks in big law, even though i think that's probably a pretty clear "no, don't wear a costume", and for folks in small offices where the line is a bit more blurred.

you guys, i forgot how much shoulder-burnage goes on in level 2 of the thirty day shred. i guess this is to help get rid of that awkward area right at/below your shoulder blades? regardless, with all the plank work i guess it's a good thing we moved into the attic from the roof deck this week, even if it was only because i'm a wimp and mornings are cold.

even though i was absolutely slammed with work last week, i was so thrilled to spend my evenings {working} next to my fella. and to snatch a few days of vacation in the san francisco bay area when we headed up there for a wedding. time with him is always my favorite, and we got a great mix in of tourist time in sf:

lazy saturday mornings, and celebrating with friends at the rehearsal & wedding:

there's a lot of halloween spirit going on. wearing a costume at work makes me nervous, and my version of partying involves my couch, a ginger beer {nonalcoholic}, my fella and some good tv, but i can definitely get behind the innocent little ones dressing up to their heart's content, and the neighborly welcome of trick-or-treating. howeverrrr. the closest i came to a costume this month was the photobooth at my friends' fun wedding, so...happy halloween!

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