Wednesday, October 2, 2013

quick takes

today is my birthday {inching toward thirty one late-twenties birthday at a time}. 

my life is nothing i thought it would be as a teenager, and that is so okay. more than okay! i have love, i have joy, and an amazing group of loved ones and friends. i have a roof over my head, a steady and intellectually stimulating job, and home-cooked meals. i have experiences under my belt - experiences i never expected - that have been so amazing and brought so much to my life. so. today's quick takes are seven reasons {in no particular order, and absolutely not an exhaustive list} that i am glad my life took a different path than i once imagined taking to this age:

this guy, and the love and friendship we share

family who are also my friends and travel buddies

friends made during those years that may be spread all over the place, but are always there for me 

travels {so, so many more than pictured} that have showed me so much of this magnificent world, and taught me so much about appreciating the beauty all around in moments large and small

time spent living abroad, especially my year in london

football fandom

patience and grace gained through joyfully taxing experiences - working with children - and less joyful but still remarkably taxing experiences - the bar exam - that have already served me well in life. 

to another year!

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