Wednesday, October 23, 2013

quick takes

i forgot to post a recipe this week because i was busy hanging out with my fella. in between research/memo projects. because i am drowning in federaljudicialopinions and statutoryinterpretations and howdotheseallgotogethertosaywhatweneeditto moments and can i just say i am really glad i got reading glasses? anyway. how about two next week? thaaanks.

day 8 of jillian's 30 day shred at 7 am with whoever shows up for the party. i am really glad i'm doing it, because exercise is good for me. i'm glad i'm doing it in the morning {really!}, because it gets me up and guarantees i move at least 20 minutes during the day. and i am really glad i am doing it on a monday-friday, break saturday and sunday pattern because after 5 solid days, that break is a glorious thing.

short week this week - two of my good friends are getting hitched this weekend, so my fella and i are headed to the bay area for a weekend of san francisco sights and wedding events. looking forward to putting a pause on work for a few days to enjoy some quality time!

so like i said, i am swamped with work. swamped. like, this is my last quick take for today swamped because i just got an email during lunch that they need a memo in brief format by "end of day".  but i'm quickly gaining familiarity with rule 45 and 34 of the federal rules of civil procedure {my civ pro prof would be so proud}, so that's cool... third-party and electronic discovery are my friends? 

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