Wednesday, October 16, 2013

quick takes

i almost forgot it's wednesday. it's gonna be short, and it probably won't be interesting to anyone but me. but if that didn't turn you away, read on...

my mornings are now starting at 6:55 am. i go vertical, grab the phone, hit snooze, and read e-mails and blogs in an attempt to actually wake up until the alarm goes off again at 7:03. at which point i throw on work out clothes, grab my laptop and meet various family members on the roof deck for a morning round of jillian michaels's 30 day shred. being outdoors makes it almost bearable to be lifting weights and jumping-jacks in that hour i always slept through just days ago. we're rocking this schedule 5 days a week, a six-week 30DS.

this is the second football season in a row i have felt the need for a game-day dress, yet done nothing to make one. someone get me some initiative. and some inspiration?

less than 72 hours till my guy is here for a solid week! these are happy times ahead, folks :)

the federal government is behind on legislating about technology and related privacy issues. but who's surprised? the stored communications act (title ii of the electronic communications privacy act) was enacted back in 1986. before the internet was a real thing, and long before email and social networking. there have been no amendments - zero - to the federal legislation dealing with our stored electronic data since then. the courts have filled in the gaps as best they can in the interim.

i went to visit the eye doc this weekend for my 6-ish month LASIK-round-2 follow up. 20/20 distance, 20/15 close, and the reading glasses are keeping stare-at-screens-headaches at bay. oh, and night-time eye drops are a really good thing because apparently your corneas swell at night and can stick to your eyelids and opening dry eyes can potentially cause corneal abrasions. which sounds super swell and not painful or problematic. at. all.

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